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High Speed
Cold Dryer

Food drying revolution

High Speed Cold Dryer is the innovative, internationally patented technology that uses non-ionizing electromagnetic waves to dry all types of food, both of vegetable and animal origin.

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High efficiency food drying technology

High Speed Cold Dryer is the innovative high yield drying system that revolutionizes traditional food processing methods. Developed by PIM and patented internationally, it guarantees extraordinary results in terms of efficiency and sustainability, but also in the enhancement of nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the product.

The non-ionizing electromagnetic wave technology heats the raw material, instantly activating the water evaporation process (thanks to the vibro-rotational excitation of the molecules) from the inside to the surface of the product. This ensures a uniform drying, which drastically reduces heat loss and increases the profitability of the process.

HSCD, our drying technology for industrial food processing is the best solution to dry any kind of product of the food industry, fruits, spices, vegetables, cereal and much more.



The HSDC system dries and dehydrates the product, both food and non-food, in a targeted way, thus minimizing energy requirements and heat loss.



The water evaporates in a few seconds at low temperatures (up to 30°C) thanks to a heating rate of up to 1°C/s.


Product quality

Thanks to the low temperatures and short times, the process preserves and enhances the organoleptic qualities and nutritional values of the raw material.


Green & Circular

The patented process reduces CO2 emissions by 50% and re-dignify waste deriving from food production.

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High Speed Cold Dryer?

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Optimize your production processes: the future of the food industry is efficient, smart and sustainable.


High Speed Cold Dryer electromagnetic waves generate heat only inside the product, acting in a targeted and extremely rapid way (up to 1°C/s). The evaporation temperature is reached in a few seconds, only where it is needed, with a significant reduction in drying times. This eliminates the waste of heat, energy and time, typical of air systems linked to long pre-heating and product stabilization stages required by traditional systems.


High Speed Cold Dryer is powered solely by electricity with a really low requirement compared with the traditional systems. This allows you to combine the system with a photovoltaic or wind power plant, significantly reducing the environmental impact and CO2 emissions. HSCD does not use water, but thanks to a condenser it allows to recover the evaporation water that can be used for other purposes.

360° innovation

Not just efficiency and performance: the HSCD system meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 and optimizes important management aspects. Its compact technology significantly reduces its size, simplifying and reducing maintenance interventions. The total absence of fumes, hot or cold liquids, vapors and fossil fuels, allows you to work safely, facilitating procedures and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Patented quality

The targeted, rapid and uniform action generated by the electromagnetic waves of the HSCD system guarantees a homogeneous increase in temperature (from the center to the surface of the product). The low processing temperatures mean that the food maintains its organoleptic, nutritional, and flavour properties There is no degradation of any component, nor any processes of alteration of its chemical and biological characteristics. In addition, the oxygen-free setting keeps oxidation to a minimum.

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