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What you can dry with
High Speed Cold Dryer

Thanks to its proprietary HSCD patent and the expertise of its team, PIM designs and tailor-makes high-efficiency drying systems for a variety of industries, by providing customised drying plants capable of responding to the specifications of the product to be processed, improving the quality of results and lowering consumption and costs.

HSCD system is completely customizable in order to make the most of the chemical and physical characteristics of the raw material to be treated and maintain its original properties.

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High-efficiency drying
for the food industry


  • dried fruits
  • dried vegetables
  • pasta drying
  • meat drying
  • fish drying
  • mushroom drying
  • herbs and spices drying
  • granulated broths drying

Pet food

Pet food drying for dogs and cats

Food scraps

Scraps from:

  • pulps and peels for fruit juices
  • pulps and peels for sauces
  • offcuts from industrial baking
  • food waste from pasta and dumpling production

High-efficiency drying for
other areas of employment

Construction industry

  • sound-absorbing panels
  • insulating and fireproof panels
  • terracotta tiles for the building industry

Cosmetics industry

Cosmetics powders

Leather industry

  • automotive leathers
  • apparel leathers
  • furniture leathers

Pharmaceutical industry

Drying of temperature-sensitive products

High-efficiency drying for
other applications

HSCD technology also makes it possible to optimize procedures such as:

  • sterilisation
  • pasteurisation
  • sanitization
  • concentration

Make the most of HSCD technology for industrial drying in your industry

Request more informations on the HSCD and discover how we can help your industry.

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