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HSCD, PIM’s most innovative food dryer is presented for the first time at IPACK-IMA 2022

By 29 July 2022No Comments

HSCD, PIM’s most innovative food dryer is presented for the first time at IPACK-IMA 2022

The high speed cold dryer is PIM’s first patent about an innovative high-efficiency drying system, it was presented as a world premiere at IPACK-IMA 2022, the international event dedicated to Food Processing and Packaging.

With over 74,000 visitors, IPACK-IMA is the system fair dedicated to all stages of the production chain, which aims to raise awareness on the latest generation technologies and innovative materials and combines design, sustainability and production efficiency.

HSCD, the international patent that revolutionizes food drying.

We have been present among the exhibitors to introduce you to the latest news from PIM. In fact, those who partecipated had the opportunity to discover in world preview the revolutionary HSCD food drying system developed and patented by us at  international level.

We were proud to present for the first time “High speed cold dryer”, the food drying system that uses non-ionizing electromagnetic waves to dry all types of vegetable and animal food.

HSCD technology heats the product in a targeted manner, minimizing heat loss, with advantages in saving energy and time.

The partnership with Ley is already active.

The first application of the HSCD dryer involved Ley, a line of food products made with flour derived from beer production spent grains recovered through the HSCD drying process.

Ley is a brand of Circular Food Srl, an innovative start-up that aims to transform raw materials destined to be discarded into food products and shares with us the same values of environmental sustainability and a circular approach.

In conclusion, we thank our collaborators present at the fair and all those who have come to our stand and support us in this project. We are glad to have seen you interested and curious about HSCD and our research and development is going to continue to change the world of drying systems.

If you are interested and want to learn more about the HSCD system, contact us for more information.