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HSCD and Ley Farina di birra: sustainable food drying

By 7 March 2023No Comments

A revolution for industrial food drying

The food market is constantly evolving: consumers are becoming more demanding, so companies in the agri-food industry have to find different ways to adapt and fulfill the new requests, trying, whenever possible, to forecast them. At the same time, food companies have to find new ways to produce, in order to be more efficient, sustainable and keep the production costs at bay while energy costs increase more and more.

In this constantly evolving context, PIM, a Treviso-based company with a strong ethical vision and specialized in the revamping of used machinery for the production of pasta, it has invested in research and developed HSCD, High Speed Cold Dryer, the innovative patented technology that allows to drying every type of food product efficiently, guaranteeing a remarkable energy saving. A real revolution in food drying, which overturns traditional production methods of the sector.

Compared to traditional technologies and machinery, HSCD makes it possible to dry foods in a significantly shorter time, which means higher production capacity and space saving.

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Food drying: the case of beer flour

HSCD is a a revolution that has already given excellent results. In fact, this technology has been adopted by Circular Food, a company that shares the same values as PIM: fighting food waste, promoting environmental sustainability and improving the quality of life of each of us with upcycled food products.

PIM has made its technological know-how available for the production of Ley – Farina di birra products, an Italian brand of upcycled food made of beer flour. Ley is a peculiar type of flour, that is obtained from malted barley grains and hops, the waste of the production of beer. These raw materials are treated with HSCD, the system that uses combined non-ionizing electromagnetic waves to dry the products using a third of the time compared to traditional systems. This is why Ley is a good, respectful and healthy flour.

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What is the result? A sustainable flour that has a low environmental impact, and is good for those who eat it. In fact, HSCD allows the raw materials to keep the organoleptic and nutritional qualities and the chemical-physical characteristics unaltered.

With HSCD it is possible to dry any kind of product, such as fruit, vegetables or cereals, or meat. If you are interested and want know more about the HSCD system contact us, to receive more information.

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PIM: from pasta … to the drying revolution

At PIM we have specialized in the development of innovative technologies and patents for food production. The ten-year commitment in modernization, revamping and automation of pasta production plants and in-depth knowledge of the market, have led us to invest in the Research and Development of advanced solutions, able to meet the growing needs in terms of efficiency. , productivity and energy savings.

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