Support and technical assistance for pasta factories

Thanks to its full knowledge of the market and to its technical skills, PIM provides technical assistance for pasta factories, including advice, purchase, plants start up and staff training.

First of all we will lead you in the market of used pasta machines, recommending the best choice: we analyse the technical features that your plant needs and we design the solution.

We do not just sell machinery, we offer and guarantee excellent market opportunities.

Further we audit and upgrade any machinery or pasta plant. We also realize the whole water and electrical system of different production lines. This enables us to dismantle, revise and set up plants in different parts of the world moving their location and production site.

Expert technicians follow the assembly and set up phase directly to the destination, supporting the customer from the very beginning to the first machine start up, in Italy and abroad. Finally we offer an accurate staff training.


A complete range for turnkey projects.


We manage and evaluate every aspect, to develop targeted projects and tailor-made fittings.


We carry out assemblies with production start-up and testing all over the world.


We add value to your used vehicle with overhaul, update and automation services for the benefit of productivity.


We follow our customers even after the sale, with a 360 ° support service.