Evaluate your second hand machinery

Are you currently renovating your machines and you do not know what to do with the old production lines?
Trust our PIM experts.

We can quote the current value of your plants and their sales potential.

Through constant monitoring of the Italian and foreign markets, we try to turn your used machines in business opportunities. Our skillful technical team will renovate your used plant and turn it in an interesting investment for your potential buyers getting the maximum profit from your machinery.

Independently of the model and the plant condition, we will turn it into a valid source either for you and the potential buyer.

  • We take in production lines and single machines
  • In compliance with the rules of your manufacturing site we dismantle machineries in the shortest possible time
  • We dispose of everything in accordance with environmental protection laws (RAEE)
  • Good for you, good for the environment

Evaluate your used machinery!

Would you like to renovate your machinery?
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