Braibanti-Fava long cut pasta production line

1500 kg/h


Braibanti press model Cobra 2.19 composed of:

  • water dosage – automatic semolina
  • high efficiency centrifugal pre-mixer
  • double mixer and rotoaxial movement
  • Double vacuum mixer
  • 2 compression groups diameter 190 mm
  • Rectangular diffuser tube for double dies of 2.5 m

Spreader model Stedo for the loading of 2 2.5 m rods at the same time and translation arms

Drying tunnel  model ITRGB consisting of:

  • N°6 modules pre-dryer with 3 temperature and humidity controls
  • Dryer with 5 levels complete of drying floors and three stabilization floors
  • N°2 humidification modules
  • Separation transfer
  • N°2 cooling modules

N°8 dry pasta storage silos for 16 h storage

Double rods return

Series of 2.5 m rods for continuous production

High speed  stripper with saw complete with descender

Electric control and command panel line + silos – automatic electromechanical stripping machine with the possibility of adding plc.

It is also possible to supply packaged according to the format requested by the customer

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