Braibanti-Fava long cut pasta line

3000 Kg/h


Braibanti-Fava press model co.bra 1804 composed of:

Braibant-Favai mixing tank with roto-axial movement at atmospheric pressure;

N ° 4 compression screws diameter 140mm profile with variable section by braibanti;

N°4 bells head block dies;

Pneumatic transport of semolina with settling cyclone and stellar valve;

Braibanti-Fava spreader machine model stequa  4-sticks nominal speed 300

Continuous pre-dryer length of 9 modul of 1.3m.

Braibanti-Fava dryer model Gpl.

Braibanti-Fava cooler.

Dry product storage silos for  of 4,450 sticks.

Braibanti-Fava stripper machine Model ipack.

Control panel with fava supervision software and regulation inverter.

Altopack bucket elevator, type elevertic – year 2009.

N°2 Stiavelli packaging machine, type sompl with scales s3,70 packs/min, 500 gr each

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