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Sale of short cut pasta plants


Please find below a list of our current offers of machineries and plants for the short cut pasta production (penne, rigatoni, maccheroni, fusilli ecc).

How to choose the right plant for the short cut pasta

How to produce a good short cut pasta?
Here is a brief description of the production process together with some advice from our experts.

The dough is rocked and hydrated in the vacuum mixing tank until it reaches the suitable degree of humidity. The vacuum plays a very important role since it blocks the enzymes that are responsible for the dough oxidation and in the mean time it gives the product a bright amber colour.

The dough is then pushed through an extruder by an endless spiral press. This process allows an homogeneous spread of the dough on the entire diameter of the die. The pasta is cut according to the wanted shape using proper cutters. Penne for example are cut with a 45° inclination. Our technicians know all pasta shapes and any problems that can occur during the raw material process in the short cut pasta production.

Once pasta is shaped, it is conveyed on a multi level vibrating shelf (called shaker pre-dyer). The hot air inside the shaker pre-dyer, causes the formation of a crust on the pasta surface thus avoiding sticking and change of shape during the following stages. This process is called continuous pre-dryer.

Once the product is pre-dryed, it needs to be dried passing through a multi levels dryer where humidity and heat are constantly monitored. It is preferable to keep the control parameters as near as possible to the natural ones. Not to dry at very high temperatures is therefore highly recommended in order to keep the Italian quality standard!

Before the product is finished, it needs to be stabilized and cooled up in order to avoid condensation inside the packet. Finally, a cooler lowers temperature to 20-24.

Pasta is ready, enjoy it!

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