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How we work

Support and technical assistance for pasta factories

Our deep knowledge of the market and technical skills gained through the years, allow us to provide an all-round service for pasta factories, including advice, purchase, plants start up and staff training.

First of all we will lead you in the market of used pasta machines, recommending the best choice for your needs: we study the technical characteristics required for your system and design, after thorough analysis, the ideal operating solution. We do not just sell machinery, we offer and guarantee excellent market opportunities.

Further we audit and upgrade any machinery or pasta plant. We also realize the whole water and electrical system of different production lines. This enables us to dismantle, revise and set up plants in different parts of the world moving their location and production site.

Expert technicians follow the assembly and set up phase directly to the destination, supporting the customer from the very beginning to the first machine start up, in Italy or abroad. Finally we offer an accurate staff training for optimized management of installed plants.

PIM process

A complete range for turnkey projects


We manage and evaluate every aspect, to develop targeted projects and tailor-made fittings.


We carry out assemblies with production start-up and testing all over the world.


We add value to your used vehicle with overhaul, update and automation services for the benefit of productivity.


We follow our customers even after the sale, with an all around support service.


Tailor made design for pasta factories

Our technicians are skilled enough to face any challenges

PIM has always recruited qualified staff with proven experience in designing and setting up dry pasta production plants. Competence, precision and seriousness make PIM technicians true specialists in the field, able to assess and manage all aspects of the project, including:

  • Lines dimensioning
  • Choice of positioning of auxiliary equipment
  • Heated water systems
  • Steam production plants
  • Diathermic oil systems
  • Water cooling systems with chiller or closed circuit cooling tower
  • Centralized air intake systems
  • Compressed air systems

Our specialists also take care of the entire electrical system, building, updating and automating switchboards and control panels. Design is indeed one of our strengths.

Each machine is built or upgraded according to its final destination. A tailor-made intervention that take into account variables like climate, altitude and different raw materials in the area, in order to provide the best possible set-up. We will also offer advice on the current machineries available when requested, with the final aim of increasing plant productivity.


Assembly of pasta plants to perfection

We carry out assembly with commissioning and testing

Our technicians are qualified to follow all the stages of the project: from the design to installation to start-up.

After the final testing, they share knowledge and skills in order for the workers to perform a well organized job thus offering an excellent production. They will of course be available for any questions or further requests.

It is also right to say that these activities are different in all the world and in some countries we are presented with situations that only our creativity can overcome. Our staff can come to a solution and work in safety.


Maintenance and reconditioning
of pasta production plant

We give value to your second-hand

The old machinery are not always to be thrown away. Our team has the right experience for the overhaul and modernization of any system. It also specializes in the automation of older and manual machines, thanks to the use of the best PLC-based control systems and implementing computerized control.

Our advice and assistance for the maintenance of existing machinery is aimed at increasing the productivity of pasta machines and the competitiveness of pasta factories in the market.

We have a wide range of spare parts for all the major global brands and we can build new spare parts according to the specific needs of our customers.


PIM is always there, after the sale too

Our team never forgets its customers and offers its support to satisfy all customer needs that may arise after the sale or systems installation.

PIM guarantees the correct and efficient working of the installed products and machinery, the quality of the work performerd even after the existing machinery has been assisted. Our skilled technicians are always at your disposal to sort out any problems and give support.

PIM is a flexible e responsive company that takes into consideration the customer request and processes it as fast as possible.