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Are you renovating the machinery of your pasta factory and want to optimize the sale of the old production lines? Leave it to PIM!

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PIM is the ideal partner for Italian pasta factories that wish to optimize their revenue from the decommissioning of old plants, while helping with the acquisition of new production lines. We are the only provider on the market that guarantees the following operational benefits:

  • Appreciation of used machinery and production lines, thanks to the experience of a team that worked with main plant manufacturers at global levels
  • Assistance during all stages of the sales process, with privileged access to the sales channels of developing countries through our own database
  • The capability to maintain and produce in-house components and spare parts for each type of machine

Discover our 4-step path

We provide a complete tailor-made service, which can be implemented as a whole or in any of its steps, alongside a consulting program for businesses aiming to make the most out of their decommissioned plant.


Preparation of a sales dossier when the production plant is still in operation. Creation of photo/video documentation, technical drawings and technical data sheets of the system and its components.


Disassembly service with PIM technicians at the client’s premises, with tracking of the parts, surveys and preparation of the user and maintenance manual of the system, so that it can be properly reassembled (independently or with our assistance).


Logistics and storage: for those who do not want to bear storage burdens, we offer services of selection of storage areas, container retrieval, transport, research and selection of insurance coverage for the stored equipment.


We follow the customer during the final stages of the sale, whether they wish to sell their equipment directly, or if they decide to entrust PIM with the search for a buyer and/or the direct sale of the machines.

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