Revamped dry pasta production plants for sale

For those customers who wish to open or widen their dry pasta factories, PIM identifies complete dry pasta production lines and second hand machinery that can accommodate the customer’s request.

More than only selling, our objective is to give customer care professionally. For this reason we monitor the Italian and international market of pasta machinery finding the best business opportunities. PIM finds the best used pasta machines for sale, revamps them and sells them.

Long cut pasta

The vacuum plays a very important role since it blocks the enzymes that are responsible for the dough oxidation and in the mean time it gives the product a bright amber colour.

Short cut pasta

The dough is then pushed through an extruder by an endless spiral press. This process allows an homogeneous spread of the dough on the entire diameter of the die.

Special pasta

In this section you will find the special pasta lines as for egg pasta, nests, noodles and cous cous. The word “special” refers to a wide range of products similar to the long and short cut pasta but different in cut and ingredients.

Spare parts

PIM can supply all spare parts for mechanical parts of Braibanti production lines and more.