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Tailor made design for pasta factories

Our technicians are skilled enough to face any challenges.

All of them have been working in the field of dry pasta production plant sector for a long time.
Here are the most relevant aspects we take into consideration in the design stage:

  • Lines dimensions
  • Position of auxiliary equipment
  • Heated water systems
  • Steam production plants
  • Diathermic oil systems
  • Water cooling systems with chiller or closed circuit cooling tower
  • Centralized air intake systems
  • Compressed air systems

Our experts also do the electrical system. They build and update the control panels.
Design is one of our strengths.
Each machine is built or upgraded according to its final destination since climate, altitude and different raw materials need to be taken in due consideration.
Because pasta is a matter of science too.

We will also offer advice on the current machineries available when requested.
Our sense of responsibility, punctuality and seriousness is the way we identify ourselves with the people we work with. All this with a team of technician with guaranteed capability and experience.