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Braibanti pasta making machines: excellence in innovation

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Used by the most important pasta-factories, Braibanti pasta machines have revolutionized the sector. In this article we review the recent history and the importance that they still have today.

This image represents the mosaic made in Parma and dating back to 1938 by the parmesan painter Enrico Bonaretti (1893-1978). The mosaic is ideally divided into two temporal moments: on the right is the interior of a nineteenth-century pasta factory with a donkey engaged in supplying the driving force to the various machinery for the production of pasta.

On the left, an imposing continuous Braibanti press dominates, the innovative machine capable of entirely replacing all the systems described on the right side of the scene. But how is the Braibanti revolution born?


Braibanti pasta machines: the great revolution

Mario (1896-1970) and Joseph (1897-1966) Braibanti, sons of the owner of the pasta factory was founded in Parma in 1870, Ennio Braibanti, lived the life of pasta and the great passion for pasta from an early age, this led them to become engineers for the design of continuous lines for pasta, just like their father.

Together they opened a study in Milan in 1928 for the design of systems for pasta factories and only after five years of research and experimentation did they create their own system, bringing great innovation to the whole industry!

It was 1933 and the Brothers managed to combine mixer, kneader and press into a single machine able to work the dough in a continuous manner, thereby creating the third-generation presses, also used today by the most famous Italian Pasta.

The innovation was momentous: the Braibanti brothers began producing at the mechanical workshop of Thomas Barbieri (1890-1944) Barriera Bixio and sold hundreds of copies of their car, progressively enlarged and improved.

Even today the Bixio Barrier mosaic reproduces the model of the first continuous Braibanti press and recalls the story of an innovation born in Parma and now widespread all over the world.

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