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Industrial lasagna dryer: a world record!

By 29 July 2022September 23rd, 2022No Comments

Another milestone in the service of the food industry

PIM’s team of experts has recently developed an innovative drying system for the production of lasagna. This static dryer is able to process 480 kg of lasagna in a single 6-hour cycle, with exceptional results, both in terms of cooking resistance and shape retention – avoiding the deformation that the product normally undergoes that during the packaging phase causes a high percentage of waste.

PIM mod. WR: a record drying system!

At the base of our new drying system, an innovative technology that allows to obtain a homogeneous distribution and a constant speed of the air in every point of the dryer. This ensures that the whole product is treated quickly and extremely homogeneously, to the advantage of efficiency and also quality.

The system is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which, through a supervision program, monitors all the functions of the dryer by modifying in real time fundamental parameters such as:

  • ventilation speed,
  • air temperature and humidity,
  • ventilation and rest times.

Constantly updated by internal sensors on the data relating to the process in progress, the PLC compares the information with the set point indications entered in the production recipe, calibrating the optimal values ​​from time to time to always guarantee the best result.

essiccatoio industriale per lasagne

Thanks to its unique characteristics, the system therefore allows to optimize and reduce drying times and make the non-packable waste almost equal to zero. The name chosen for our static lasagna dryer is PIM mod. WR (or World Record), because until proven otherwise it is the static dryer for lasagna with the largest production capacity in the world.

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PIM: from pasta … to the drying revolution

At PIM we have specialized in the development of innovative technologies and patents for food production. The ten-year commitment in modernization, revamping and automation of pasta production plants and in-depth knowledge of the market, have led us to invest in the Research and Development of advanced solutions, able to meet the growing needs in terms of efficiency. , productivity and energy savings.

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